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"Kunsthuis" Exhibitions

Kunsthuis will be showing a mixture of not only English artists but will give you the oppotunity to see some professional Dutch artists.


Wednesday 18/11 - Sunday 20/12

"Shades of Clay"

with accompanied abstract paintings by Kate Siddle.

Ceramics are not only firing up our TV screens with The Great Pottery Throw Down but also in newly established York COCA Gallery. Kunsthuis Gallery adds more heat to the kiln and presents work by leading UK and International ceramicists.

This Christmas Kunsthuis is proud to welcome a select group of ceramicists living and working both in the UK and Internationally who are pushing the boundaries of their creative practice. The exhibition celebrates our belief that ceramics can engage, inspire and invite the contemplation of the process of design. Selected artists including Jill Ford, Richard Baxter, Katy O'Neil, Fiona Mazza, Eric Moss, Andile Schoellhron, Chris Utley and Audrey Hammett to name a few, explore and challenge the versatility of clay both as a creative, functional and sculptural medium exploring the properties of a material that is both universal and sustainable, whilst also exploring the dialogues of form and surface. These concerns are developed through practical experimentation where the artists test a variety of techniques to explore different methods of manipulating materials and surfaces.

Jill Ford throws simple and elegantly shaped pots on the wheel creating tall standing forms and larger wide open bowls. Porcelain is chosen for its beautiful inherent characteristics: smoothness, whiteness, translucency and its appearance of delicate fragility that belies great strength. Fiona Mazza's work is individually hand-built or slip cast and carved then coloured slips are sponged on to create a subtle textured finish. Richard Baxter is a highly regarded British potter producing individual and collectable pieces from stylishly functional domestic earthenware pottery to beautifully fluid porcelain bowls and unique ceramic design inspired by waves and strata.

We invite the opportunity to explore our diverse selection of contemporary ceramics on show by ceramicists who are exhibiting extensively throughout the U.K. and abroad including permanent displays at COCA York Art Gallery such as Emily Stubbs and Katie Braida, as we seek to celebrate and recognise the importance of ceramics today.

Kate Siddle's paintings boast bold abstractions and shades of colour which evoke the presence of landscape, the sensual and physical experience of being by the sea, or walking through woods or moorland and are developed through a process of imagination and memory.


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Every Wednesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm


Wednesday 1/11 - Sunday 20/12


The Pop-Up Shop presents beautiful handmade items from a wide range of local and talented Arts and Crafts makers. Running for 7 weeks over the festive season, the Pop-Up showcases contemporary interiors, a wide selection of beautiful jewellery, exquisite handmade books, a diverse range of ceramics, table accessories and prints, not to mention a few Christmas inspired pieces. You are invited to escape the hustle and bustle of York's busy streets, shop for unique and limited edition gifts and spread the Christmas cheer here in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside.
For those who love walking there is a circular pathway that runs through the Dutch House and into the fields and woodland areas, along with lengthier walks in close proximity to the site. The perfect destination for the whole family this Winter.

A special Christmas evening on Friday 20th November from 6 - 9pm!
Christmas Shopping, Mulled wine, Hot Chocolate, Mince Pies, Marshmallow & Chestnuts roasting, Fire pit, Christmas Lights, Santa Trail (bring your torch!).
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Every Wednesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm


Information about the artists is to be found in 'the Artists' section


Previous exhibitions

Friday 06/02 - Sunday 08/03
All about Etchings and Screen prints

7 Dutch artists are bringing their art to Yorkshire:

Jan Lantinne, Ad Arma, Holly Witteveen, Theo Koster, Giovanni Vetere, Hans Buenk, Hans Van Horck

Also showing orignal paintings by David Lyon, felt by Valerie Wartelle, bronzes by Monique Aussems and ceramics by George Ormerod and Andrew Martin.


Friday 13/03 - Sunday 19/04
Vibrant Earth

This season we draw together work by four highly respected British artists: Karen Stamper, Richard Baxter, Penny Phillips and Karen Purple. This exhibition of stunning robust ceramics and vivacious and colourful paintings celebrates the British springtime. Find some lovely original gifts for Mother’s Day and Easter at the gallery during March and April. MORE INFO >>

Karen Stamper - paintings/collages
Karen Purple - paintings
Richard Baxter - ceramics
Penny Philips - ceramics


Saturday 25/04 - Sunday 31/05
A Yorkshire Bike Ride through the Netherlands

The exhibition runs during the Tour de Yorkshire, celebrating cycling and the sights seen during bike rides in the country and city. A celebration of
natural and urban aspects of the Netherlands through the gorgeous work of Tony Noble, Flos Pol and Lucie Berben. This spring Kunsthuis draws together work by Dutch and British artists relating to exciting elements of Dutch culture. This exhibition of nature inspired ceramics and joyful, intuitive paintings celebrates Holland – both its natural and urban beauty.

Tony Noble - paintings
Flos Pol - paintings
Lucie Berben
- ceramics


Friday 05/06 - Sunday 19/07
Atmosphere and Emotion by Lesley Birch - paintings

Lesley Birch’s paintings arouse emotion. A colourist at heart, she paints from her memory and imagination manipulating colour, form and texture to create the mood and atmosphere of place.

The gallery also presents work by ceramicist Katie Braida who adopts hand-building techniques to create individual pieces most recently in response to the theme of light and swimming in the sea.

Another newcomer is ceramicist Emily Stubbs whose pieces blend technique and bright colours to create wonderful, unique forms that are simply a delight to behold.

Finally, the work of Charlie Burman whose paintings open a dialogue between the emotion aroused by nature and the colour-orchestration of the pictures surface.


Friday 24/07 - Sunday 30/08
Creation from Corrosion

by Jo Walton - print-making and painting

Penny Phillips and Julia Roxburgh - ceramics

Artist Jo Walton's current series of paintings and prints are a direct response to rust. Her work is a mixture of experimentation and discovery, persuading surface rust to leave its metal and imprint onto paper and fabric, rendering the artists copious collections of metal objects useful, as well as beautiful.

The gallery is also proud to present work by ceramicist Penny Phillips who explores the boundaries of using clay to express movement and vitality.

Another newcomer in the gallery is ceramicist Julia Roxburgh whose pieces delight with colourful decoration that make her work instantly recognisable.


Friday 04/09 - Sunday 11/10

"Adventures into Abstraction"

paintings, felt and ceramics inspired by moments and memories.

Valerie Wartelle - felt
Sally Lister - paintings
Penny Cooper - ceramics

Ali Thompson - paintings


Friday 16/10 - Sunday 15/11

The Broken Toys Reassembled

Huddersfield Artist Dex Hannon, also known as China9, Evil Jesus and Dexuality Valentino exhibit work which explore Digital vs Painting, Past vs Future. Kunsthuis presents work by The Broken Toy Company.
4 artists with 1 mind, a collective with a twist, alongside acclaimed sculptor Richard Mackness. Kate Kenney will also showcase oil paintings in our art cafe.




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